The Gardener

Victor and his team comes every other week on Wednesday. Typically he arrives between 1pm – 3pm. Dogs should be kept inside while he works on the backyard.

Upcoming Dates:

6-26 Wed
7-10 Wed
7-24 Wed
8-7 Wed
8-21 Wed


House Cleaner

Gloria comes every other Friday. It’s ok if you are home if need be but ideally, the house is clear for her to work. Being in the backyard or front yard is completely fine.

Upcoming Dates:

6/21 Fri
7/3 Wed
7/19 Fri
8/2 Fri
8/16 Fri

Garbage & Recycling to Curb

If you are staying long term, you’ll want to put out the blue, green and black trash cans to the curb.

The trucks come every Tuesday (unless there is a Holiday on Monday in which case they come Wednesday).

It’s a mystery as to the order or time of arrival. You’ll want to put them out Monday night or Tuesday morning by 8am.